CHIARA Terraneo 
Artist & Visual Storyteller.
Random organised chaos & tempest.

I was Born in North Italy, the First Day of Spring, 21 March 1984.
Mostly based in Milan, now between Salzburg (Austria), I travel and live all around.
 I draw everywhere.
 I work everywhere.
 I'm in love with blank sketchbooks, colours matter, 
 markers, pencil, pen, brushes, ink, gauche, collage, motion, plants,
 watercolour, clay, ceramic, rugs, tattoo, papers, how objects, 
 architecture and colours organise themselves in space, the sounds, ...
 I am curios by nature.
 I believe in authenticity, confrontation and sharing. 
You can download my CV here:

If you have any projects or collaborations you wish to discuss or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me 🙂