Chiara Terraneo is a visual artist currently based between Austria and Milan.
Her main art practice investigates the nature of relationship among bodies and environment: how do we occupy, how do we interact with the space we live in and cross daily? How do we interact with each other, how the space shapes us, and how we shape it?
Chiara has a multidisciplinary art education: she learned drawing at Art High School, then she studied Graphic Design (NABA, Milan - WDKA, Rotterdam) and she proceeded with Photography (CFP. R. Bauer, Milan / Magnum Photo, NYC - archivist intern / London).
She practises as Art Director, Photographer, Photo Editor, beside her art practice.
Drawings and fast sketches are her first mean of expression. Painting has lately becoming an important part of her daily practice, never exhausted of research and experiment across media, whatever is chalk, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, guaches …
Constantly inspired by everyday life and Ancient Art and MYthology, she creates mobile Metal Garden Sculpture, like ex-voto to the Nature and Ceramic Vessels. 
She is currently collaborating with perforfomative dancer creating a new art language. 

CV on request

If you have any projects or collaborations you wish to discuss or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me.