Huascarán y Huandoy is a peruvian myth about an impossible and forbidden love between the daughter of the Sun Huascarán and a common mortal man Huandoy.

The main rug pieces represent what follows:

“Black Raven reported and whispered at the Sun ear” your daughter Huascarán is in love with a mortal man, and him with her”. The Sun got pissed and angry: he had to end it. Thereupon, in his rage, he turned the lovers in two separated high mountains and he sent a snow storm to completely cover them and so appease their passionate harts. Silence.

But then the mountains started to cry for the impossibility to touch each other. And from these endless tears, a river was born. And from a river, a waterfall and more streams of water bead the land. And the Land started to blossom. And many creatures appeared among plants.
It is said that when the whole cover of snow will be gone, the two lover will be finally reunited.

The drawing aim to be a celebration of the beauty of that land.

The Rugs have been handwoven and embroidered with local wool on the Ands, in Peru’.

The exhibition has been hosted in Bolzano at DI-DA.